Hi, I'm George, a student at the University of Waterloo, Software Engineering class of 2020. I like to make things.

Experience With:

  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Python


Intel XDK | FireBase | OpenData

2015 — Timber was the winning hack for Waterloo Codefest 2015, as it utilizes open city data regarding trees to provide the city with crowdsourced inspections, while maintaning engagement through an integrated social network.

Spotify Look
Python | OpenCV

2015 — A simple Python app to apply the "Spotify" look to images. Goal was to make a lightweight app that dismisses the need for photoshop to apply this look.

C++ | OpenCV | Arduino

2015 — ThermIS (Thermal Identification System) cost-efficiently detects symptoms of viral infections. ThermIS passively and non-intrusively scans individuals for their body temperature to determine the possibility of them having a viral infection. See the GitHub for more details.

Swift | PHP | MySQL

2015 — GameNextDoor is an app for connecting people to each other through various sports and activities. Built the iOS app in Swift and backend in PHP+MySQL. Features Google Maps and Admobs integration.

Node.JS, MySQL, React, AWS

2015 — Whistlet is an almost anonymous social network that provides various measures to protect the user's online identity. Currently being rewritten in JavaScript, the API runs on top of Node.JS and the front end will be in React.

C++ | OpenCV | Atmel Microcontrollers

2014 — AlgEYE is a system that balances hydrogen production and algae health to optimize the production of bio-hydrogen. The system maximizes bioreactor output by regulating sulfur levels, as determined by the algae health. See the GitHub for more details.


Feel free to email me with any questions, or just to say hello!

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